About Ujavanee

Our story

Our story began in a home kitchen. When Rajal prepared the first cake & chocolate, a sweet dream was born – to open a handmade baking products business of her own. And from a modest kitchen Ujavanee was initiated. The word Ujavanee comes from Gujarati language, meaning celebration. Ujavanee was born out of natural love for baking and how a simple cake & chocolate can bring friends and family together and initiate a celebration! We pride ourselves in preparing real food from the choicest of ingredients, with pure love and dedication. And that’s what makes us different as a handmade baking products in Nikol. Since our inception, we have expanded and built up a reputation for our irresistible desserts in Nikol. We wish to touch more hearts with our desserts in the coming years.

Our chef

Born and raised in a humble family in Junagadh, our Founder and Chef Rajal Khokhani has learnt to infuse love and taste in her cooking. She is a culinary artist and works her magic on whatever she cooks. She started Ujavanee in Nikol to celebrate the art of food. Her extensive knowledge and experience in baking and cooking can be experienced through her meals. Each and every item produced by Ujavanee is lovingly handmade. We take care of minute details involved in preparation, baking and delivery. Chef Rajal Khokhani continues to experiment with new flavours and combinations. Her enthusiasm for baking rubs off on her customers and students and everyone who tastes her cakes & Chocolates. Her baby steps are transforming the scene for home bakers, giving them more opportunities to express and impress.

Baking Workshops

There’s definitely both science and art involved in the art of baking. Only a baker knows the measure of these powerful ingredients. Chef Rajal Khokhani desires to spread the joy of baking to others. She initiated the concept of Baking Workshops in Nikol for all those who are bakers at heart. Her students are fascinated to see the Chef pour all her heart into baking products that comes smiling out of the oven, in spite of the heat.

Interested in learning the skills, techniques and recipes of baking products – the secret that made Ujavanee the first-choice for cakes, chocolates and party food in Nikol? You are invited to take a peek behind the counter, wear the chef hat, put on your apron and master the art of baking. To book a class, ping us on whatsapp or call us on 7202048080


Our Mission

To be an inspiration for home-bakers and use our business as a force for good

Our Vision

To bake delicious wholesome products infused with love, creating opportunities for communities, and caring for the environment


Our happy clients

Always eager to bring a smile on the faces of our clients